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Trade Service Platform

Trade Service Platform

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"Jincheng Etong" is a professional comprehensive foreign trade service platform of "Internet + foreign trade" created by Tianjin Electromechanical Import and Export Co., Ltd. The platform utilizes the advantages of foreign trade talents accumulated by the mechanical and electrical personnel in the past 20 years, as well as the advantages of fast and convenient customs clearance, tax rebate, inspection and quarantine, and the advantages of cooperation with China Credit Insurance Corporation's major customers, supplemented by network information technology, and professional foreign trade service teams online and offline Interactive, providing logistics, customs clearance, credit insurance, foreign exchange collection, tax refund and other full-process foreign trade supply chain professional services for the majority of small, medium and micro enterprises. The service is informatized, standardized and transparent, and at the same time, the policy advantages, capital advantages and scale advantages enjoyed by state-owned enterprises will benefit more small, medium and micro enterprises.

"Jincheng E-Tong" employees uphold the concept of abide by integrity, pursuit of performance, and continuous innovation, and consistently pay attention to and maximize customer needs, and take it as their responsibility to enhance customer experience.

The convenient services provided by enterprises to SMEs include:

1. Tax refund service

Accelerate the speed of corporate capital turnover to meet the needs of customers for continuous orders. The platform provides convenient tax refund services for corporate exports;

The user declares through the platform for export, and submits the application after the three orders are complete, which facilitates one-stop trade services.

2. Credit Insurance Service

Professional credit insurance services, enjoy preferential rates for credit insurance major customers;

Provide you with professional credit investigation services for foreign buyers to help you understand the status of buyers in a timely manner, so that you can make accurate judgments;

Avoid risks for small and medium-sized enterprises export and expand export scale;

The limit application and outbound insurance procedures are simple and convenient, and the credit insurance specialist will answer your questions at any time;

In the event of damage, the credit insurance specialist will help the customer sort out the case and communicate with the credit insurance company to reduce customer losses.



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