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Celebrate our company won 880 million yuan project

Since October 2016, Environmental protection division of our company actively participate in the domestic main environmental projects bidding, using our many years’ experience in the field of environmental protection construction. And the bid amount we won is 880 million Yuan.

These are:

Anhui city Huaihe Fuyang water intake project, 150000 tons / day

Tianjin city Jingu sewage treatment plant extension project, 650000 tons / day

Tianjin city Beicang sewage treatment plant extension project, 150000 tons / day

Tianjin city Dongjiao sewage treatment plant and water recycling plant relocation project, 600000 tons / day.

The new bid projects all adopt local sewage effluent standard "Tianjin urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard" (DB12/599-2015), it is A level standard, and this standard is close to the type four surface water standard,which is currently the high level emission standard for sewage treatment plants. 

Acceptance of these items is not only the recognize for our experience and performance in the environmental protection industry field, but also create advantageous conditions for our company in the future to participate in sewage treatment plant construction projects all over the country.

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