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Celebrating the launch of BENEFO industrial e-commerce platform
On the November 11, 2015, the BENEFO MRO+ industrial e-commerce platform launched, which is developed by the Tianjin BENEFO industrial products supply chain Co., Ltd. The platform publication indicated new attempts of its self-development from the traditional industry mode towards industry 4.0 era mode. It is also the first industrial electric business innovation platform in China. It can provide convenient information dissemination, information retrieval, one-stop shopping, and other personalized services.

The platform will be based on the Bohai economic circle. It creates a strategic cooperation model between the enterprises group and MRO channel suppliers, and it is also a platform for innovative industrial services that provides a set of industrial products trading, technical support and training, financial leasing, product application evaluation and bid. The platform publication has opened up a new way for the online services for the industrial products.
The publication has kicked off by the wonderful speeches of Mr. Wang Lu, who is the assistant bank manager and chief risk officer of Ping An Bank Branch in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, and Mr. Shi Bing, who is deputy general manager of Tianjin Binhai New Area Science and Technology Financial Investment Group. They both extended warm congratulations on the BENEFO "MRO+ industrial e-commerce platform" launching.

In the conference, Mr. Fu Rui, the president of Tianjin BENEFO industrial products supply chain Co., gave a speech for the new industrial dream, introducing the story of the birth of BENEFO industrial e-commerce platform. Its CEO, Mr. Liu Rui, introduced its online services and value-added services, including the "MRO+", "industrial ecology cloud", "industrial ecosystem", "the most simple procurement process", "reverse procurement of electricity suppliers" and other aspects.

In the next “Internet + Industry” Summit forum, the deputy Sales Manager Zhang Bao Yin  of Tianjin Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., and the Professor Lin Qiang of the Management and Economics Department of Tianjin University,  and the partner Li Nan of Bai Tai capital, and Mr. Lin Tuo Jian who is the representative of Taiwan machine industry trade unions, and the operation director Wang Wen Ping of Metal Processing Magazine, and the Minister Zhang Li of Tianjin Science and Technology Association, jointly discussed how to understand the “Internet + industry”, which is presented based of the Prime Minister Li Ke Qiang’ government work report. And they also discussed how BENEFO "MRO+ industrial e-commerce platform" meet purchasing demand of various kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises and integrate high-quality resources suppliers, and reduce the enterprise costs.

Finally, the "Summit Forum" dialogue guests and Mr. Zhao Zhi Jie, the Deputy General Manager of BENEFO, and Mr. Wang Jin Li, the chairman of IMG, and Mr. Zhang Pu, the former vice chairman of Revolutionary Committee pull the starting line together. BENEFO industrial e-commerce platform launched.
Industrial e-commerce platform:

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